SM465 transmission conversion parts

Jul 15, 2003
Hello everybody,
I have an sm465 transmission with a stock fj40 4 speed t-case and the adapter to connect the tranny and t-case. All the parts are in very good condition and the adapter is from advanced adapters. I live in Texas and will soon be making a trip to Arizona so if you live near any the states on that path maybe we can work out shipping so it might not be as expensive. I am willing to ship anywhere if you're willing to pay the price of shipping it anywhere. I was thinking $450 would be a fair price, but I am open to negotiation. All I can tell you is it's right to ask and it's my right to say yes or no.

Thank you
Jan 30, 2003
Where you at in Texas? I'm in Louisiana.
Mar 29, 2003
hey, im in the process of doing a diesle conversion in my cruiser, still not sure what im going to do for tranny. maybe ill go that route, when are you going to be in arizona??? i live in san diego, maybe i could meet you there if you still have the tranny and adapter

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