sm465 transfer case adaptor

Feb 6, 2002
AFAIK, Classic Cruisers in Salida Co. is the only place that sells them. You need to change the output shaft to the 10 spline and get the end drilled and tapped. CC can fix you up with that too.
Mar 8, 2002
I am finishing up a SM465 with the CC adapter right now. I went ahead and got the output shaft from them also. My trans was a 10 spl. 4x4 already but I figured might as well get the right parts to do it right anyway. The only problem I have come across is my original set up was the 3 spd with 350 chev. My rear most mounts were on the bell housing. The swap needs a truck bell housing and mine was a small hole car 4spd housing. Any way the different bellhousing eliminated my from mount. I have been trying to build a rear mount similar to AA but my exhaust is in the way. Any way the adapter is worth it and the different shaft is worth it to. You almost have to tear it down to get the shaft drilled anyway. One more note if you get the new shaft make sure to order the bushings for the gears. They dont come with the kit and kinda puts a stop on things till they come in.

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