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Jan 29, 2003
in the next week or so I am going to be going a coversion to a sm465 to a stock 3 speed case in my 72 fj40. I was wondering if I am going to need a support for the tranny or is the support behind the transfer case will be enough. I know the sm465 in a heavy tranny so i would think I would need a support. Also does anyone have any pics or supports of ones they have made and were would I connect the support to my tranny.

My 25 has a 465/205 combo, and it uses a cross-member mount to the adapter between the 2.
the adapter i have from aa has a place for a x-member but i dont see the need for it yet.the t case x-member is holding good so far.but i could see it wouldnt bed a bad idea.

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