For Sale SM465 adapter etc.

Oct 10, 2002
Sorry to post this everywhere on the net, but I really need to get rid of it all  :p

SM465 transmission, Advanced adapter, 3 speed case, Advaced adapter transfer case mounts, and 3 speed linkages.
It is a 2wd model with the 35 spline, and the shaft has been machined off for the conversion.

$900 OBO

Rear axle shafts : $60

(2) sets of Rear leaf springs: $50

(2) driveshafts: $20

Email me at for more info on any of it. This is all best offer. I need the money and to make room for my project.  I live in Beaverton, Oregon
Mar 8, 2002
I am interested in the driveshafts. What year are they from?

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