For Sale sm465 4 speed to 3speed land cruiser conversion (1 Viewer)

Feb 21, 2005
granger, indiana
Recently gave up on project vehicle and have many parts. None have been used just built and mounted in the vehicle. sm465 4speed from chevy truck with 6.5 to 1 first gear mated to a land cruiser 3 speed transfer case (2.3 to 1 low range) with a plate adapter. Converted vacuum shift to manual floor shift with 2wd low range capability from newer land cruiser tcase. Both trans and tcase were reassembled with new seals and gaskets. Also has resurfaced chevy flywheel with clutch fork with new throwout bearing and new chevy clutch assembly. Also comes with tcase mount. The only thing needed to complete the swap would be a slave cylinder mount and crankshaft bearing or bushing. Can ship on buyers dime and pics are available. Gear boxes, adapter, machine work, seals and gaskets cost alot more than I am asking. $600

trans and tcase.jpeg

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