SM420 to F motor ?s

Nov 7, 2003
I have a 72 fj40, with a stock f engine, and a totoya 3spd setup. It is SOA(shackle reversed), otherwise stock. Heres the question.

In order to swap in an SM420, I need:

-420 to 3pd tcase adapter
-chevy clutch disk
-modify holes for shifters
-adapt tcase linkage to mount on tranny

I think thats it, maybe i forgot something.

Let me know your thoughts/experiences and my mistakes.

Open to all suggestions, but i need to put in 420 or 465. I need the gears.

I will be flipping the rear springs at the same time and adding hypershackes to the rear

Keep in mind, im on a very tight budget, because im only 17 and have a part time job and school.

Appreciate any comments/suggestions.
May 28, 2002
I suggest reading the extreme bends info. You will need a GM pilot bushing and the sleaves for the pilot and TO bearings. You will also need the steel "alignment" ring for the bell housing. You can get them all from a few vendors.

Extreme bends
classic cruisers

Which adapter are you planning to use? I suggest SpaceGhost's if you don't already have one, assuming he still has some to sell.
May 28, 2002
I saw your post and some replies on PBB. If you use a 2F flywheel you will need to 2F style clutch fork and TO bearing. The stock F will not work.

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