SM420 Plate

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Mar 1, 2002
Boise ID
I need TWO adapter plates for the SM420. I have emailed Mike Smythe and a friend has emailed him several times but have not heard back from him :'(. &nbsp:Does anyone know what is going on with Spaceghost? If you are still out there how can I get a couple plates?

Mike's machinist moved away, so he doesn't sell them any more. Too bad, because they were a work of art and relatively cheap. Extreme Bends, Warden's and Classic Cruisers still sell them.
What he said! Sorry If I failed to reply, but here is the latest info:

Machinist is coming home. He is planning his own shop and will be glad to do small runs of custom stuff. No ETA established yet, but someday we will be back in business!

Thanks Charlie for the compliment(s), here and on POR!
Thanks for the reply Spaceghost and Pin_Head. Hope he gets back up and running soon. I would hate to have to run this summer with my stock 3 spd when I have a granny tranny begging for use.

Let us know mike when you are back up and running or if I could get a blueprint of the plate to have one made locally?


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