SM420 for sale - pick up only in North West Arkansas

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Dec 26, 2007
United States
SM420 with adapter for sale - pick up only in North West Arkansas

A SM420 4 speed (7.05:1 first gear) with a Land Cruiser transfer case adapter plate installed. It also comes with a bellhousing and starter for a small block Chevy. It was mated to my 10 spline stock 3 speed transfer case on one end and 350 on the other. I don't really know the condition of the transmission. I bought the FJ40, drove it home, and replaced the tranny with a NV4500 because of a whine and the dump truck feel (foot long throws) of the SM420--and I wanted an overdrive.

I replaced it with an overdrive transmission. Anyone is welcome to come over and look it over in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

It made the road trip from CO to AR just fine, but it did whine at speed (40-60 mph on 37's). After I went to the NV4500, I found out that it's mostly my transfer case whining (still does after a rebuild).

If nothing else, it would make a great tranny for a trailered rig that doesn't see high speeds.

$250 with the adapter, bellhousing, shifter, starter motor. Pickup only (I don't have time for freight shipping) in northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville).
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Still for sale.

I'll pull the adapter plate off and ship it along with what ever else you need (the starter, bellhousing, or clutch fork).

Won't ship the tranny, but we could try to mud ship it all together if someone wants to work out something...

These plates go for $255 alone:

EBI Cruiser Parts
Ok, I've taken the adapter plate off of the tranny and am selling it separately (ebay). The tranny (with top cover, shifter, bellhousing, fork, starter) is still available for pick up in Fayetteville, AR. $100
starter that was with SM420.jpg
For what it is worth, I have shipped transmissions before in large rubber maide containers. That tranny is probably 100lbs. You could wrap it in a bag, and pad it all around with foam, it will travel fine. DHL will take it anywhere for cheap.

Good luck with the sale.
Adapter plate just sold on ebay. Tranny still for sale. $100, pick up in Fayetteville, AR.
I could ship the top plate/shifter if someone wants that. I've heard you can buy Gamma Goat SM420's from military surplus for cheap, but they don't come with a top shifter plate. I'm not sure if mine will swap onto it, but it might be something to consider and I will measure or provide any details needed to find out.
I get up that way every few months. If you still have it, I'll grab it...
Sorry, I sold it 2 nights ago through craigslist. Its no longer for sale.

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