Sluggish Throttle Response

May 9, 2003
Hey gang,

I have been seeing an issue with my '01...about 125K for a couple of months.

While driving at a steady speed, the truck will just hesitate...goosing the throttle a little bit (not flooring it), will cause the truck to recover from the issue.

This seems to occur more frequently after the truck has gotten up to temp, and is intermittent. Some days it will happen two or three times in a 20 mile trip, other days it will not happen at all. Also, it may go days or even weeks without happening.

I have read all the FAQ articles about the TPS/APPS/TB issues, but so far I have not received a CEL, or experienced any of the other lights ("VSC/TRAC" and "VSC OFF") going off.

Also, from what I have read, it doesn't seem to be "Limp Mode", as just goosing the throttle a little bit will cause the truck to resume normal throttle response.

So...a couple of questions:

1) Will the truck throw codes that I can pull if the CEL is not going off?
2) Does this sound like it might be related to the TPS/APPS issue, or just a dirty TB?

Any one experienced similar issues?

Any suggestions?


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