Slowly but Surely... New Paint Job!

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Jul 18, 2012
Elkhart, IN
Crazy to think that I started my introduction thread and ownership of my fzj80 a little over a year ago time sure does fly! :eek: Loving every minute of it so far however, and finally got around to some modification! Long story short, the vehicle was rear ended a little over 6 months ago :bang: taking out the right rear quarter panel and a good portion of the bumper. Luckily I had just started work at a local car dealership/service center/body shop and finally had an excuse to address the failing clear coat on my emerald green pearl 94' at a very good price. Initially I had planned on simply rattle canning the exterior flat, so I chose to go the flat/satin route albeit a little more professionally. Initially, color ideas were everything from black to factory to OD green. In lieu of keeping costs down and avoiding having to extensively redo all of the door jambs etc. I decided to keep the color somewhat close to the factory emerald green pearl. Wanting to be a little unique and different from standard factory trim our plan was to develop a bit of a mix between the factory emerald pearl and an OD green with a bit of metal flake to replicate the factory pearl effect in a satin/semi-gloss finish. The resulting color was a tad darker than anticipated but I'm still very happy with the way it turned out. I absolutely love the wide range of colors resulting from the pearl effect and especially love the tone in low light conditions. As far as the trim went we chose to go with a satin/flat black as it would be easy to get the same finish from any accessories I wish to add in the future. To spice it up a little bit choice trim items (toyota grill lettering, rear bumper midsection, etc.) we chose to clear coat to mix up the look. Lastly we applied a light coat of black bed-liner to the rockers to add a little continuity to the black trim. Its far from perfect but for its intended use I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Let me know what you think and don't be afraid to be honest as I'm already assuming none of us mud members are :flipoff2:.

The finished product:

Low Light:

Before/After for comparison:

Really happy with it so far and now I'm even more motivated to keep the mods coming. I hope to paint the factory wheels flat black very shortly to help complete the look but was trying to hold off until I find a deal on some bigger tires as It'd be worlds easier and better quality were I able to paint them without tires mounted. Can't wait to finish off some PM this weekend and hopefully integrate some sound equipment I just purchased off of mud earlier this week. :cheers: Thanks for looking can't wait to hear what you think!
Holy s***. That's awesome. We need more close-ups of that paint. I love it!
the paint looks good, IMO i would prefer a lighter military green. i like how you painted the grill black but it would be nice to keep the TOYOTA writing in either the chrome or silver so its visible.
the paint looks good, IMO i would prefer a lighter military green. i like how you painted the grill black but it would be nice to keep the TOYOTA writing in either the chrome or silver so its visible.

I do agree, initially we were shooting for an olive drab more in lieu of vehicles like this Xplore Vehicle's FJC (Not entirely sure how to properly source or give credit to the original photographer so I'll just link the whole article instead

But I had a last minute change of heart and fear that our custom color was going to be too light and would look exceedingly goofy with the existing jambs and trim so we darkened it up. Ended up being far darker than we anticipated :doh: but I'm still quite happy with how it turned out, it's certainly growing on me. I can also see where you're coming from on the TOYOTA badge on the grille, hence why we choose to gloss it. Kinda hard to see in the above photographs I'll try to take some pictures with flash to try and showcase the gloss finish surrounded by the flat grille, IMO it brings it out just enough to make it clear what it is; all while remaining understated. However, In the future I might play around with some metallic finishes on the small details like the badges and lettering, could add some neat contrast. For some reason I've really been digging gunmetal accents lately.

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