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Feb 17, 2004
North Augusta, South Carolina
I have to say I am proud of my 62 (it probaly hates me right now) it towed the 40 and all of my crap from home all the way to Clemson without a problem!!!! I def. had my doubts but she made it..............

Time to squeeze an engine swap between classes tomorrow and Thrusday!!! as David would say: OHM CRUISER OHM CRUISER OHM CRUISER :cheers:
I know your pain. Though not having to do an engine swap. The power steering install is comming along but slooooowly. I hope I can have it together tonight. Minus hoses, belt and relay rod and bumper (which I now have cut off because the PS box is 1 inch to long. Now I have to extend the bumper):D
it's always sumpin'

I replumbed the heater in the 40 today. I'm pulling for us all.
Get the chant right just might help the karma....
Oh, and shed some blood. I got a nice blood blister during
my parking brake overhaul. It works great! :grinpimp:
How do you have time to study....LOL.....
Marshall ain't got any such restraints.....Dude just does it.
Pack some winter clothes fellas. Weather looks tricky.
Extra towels too. Tic toc tic toc....
That 62 of yours looks great by itself. The whole road train with the 40 in tow looks even better. Glad the truck performed well.
thanks for the encouragement guys!!!!!!!!!

Ohm.............cruiser, cruiser, cruiser................ohm......cruiser, cruiser,cruiser :D

Got dissasembleded the front end and remove the engine and drivetrain in a little over an hour tonight!!!! Thanks to Rudy for the the help........ should have a running 40 come tomorrow night :D
Yeah I'll be lending some more hands tomorrow, hopefully it will be running by bedtime.
Wish I could. I had Alex helping me last night. I'm hoping to have it all together by thursday night. BUt the box and pump are now on. So the hard part is done.
to say the least I will am jealous for sure, if only the 3FE swap would have worked I would have PS too........ oh well I will sleep good at night, cause lord knows I will be slap wore out after battling the steering wheel all day long :grinpimp:
just had to bust out the BFH and break the bell housing off the back of the 3FE to remove the tranny because the dang pilot bearing was hydro-locked onto the tranny input shaft............ just like what happened to Rudy, glad I have an extra bell housing or this thing would be over....... nothing is ever easy with me and my cruiser must be my inpeckable planning :rolleyes:
I'm alsmost there. But I will have steering issues. My pitman arm is to small. SO I will have to do a lot of backing and going. All that is left is thr ps hoses athe belt and fluid and I;ll be ready. You wouldn't believe all the fabbing up I have done thse past 4 days. But It is driveable now. Good to see you are making progress. I found a great place for tool and die stuff.
What all did you have to fab. I know a mount for the box, and a mount for the pump right, I didnt think there was anything else. At least there doesnt seem to be on the stuff I have read for 55's.
The 40 is DONE......FINI......KAPUT......... I am at a loss; I am clueless as to what is causing my problems. I hope I get member of the Month for March........ the 62 will be there might be better than the 40 with this nasty weather anyways!!!!
clemson55 said:
What all did you have to fab. I know a mount for the box, and a mount for the pump right, I didnt think there was anything else. At least there doesnt seem to be on the stuff I have read for 55's.

It will take me 30 minutes alone to tell you what all I had to do. This is a saginaw conversion. There nothing stock about it.

It's definetly a :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: job I'd put it right up there with the cut and turn.
I see well I'll probably ask all about it tomorrow in Tellico. I'm sure some of it will help me in my conversion.

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