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Mar 30, 2003
Charleston SC
so im looking for new MT's and my favorite are the pro comp. I have a 1988 FJ-62 and the only height added is rear 3" extended shackles. I did replace the shocks last month but that does not affect my ride height. Im running 31 x 10.5 tires right now and now rubbing or anything. It looks like i have room to grow. I was trying to see if i could run 32" tires instead or maybe 32" x 11.5. i think i can do it. my suspension is pretty tight which leaves me extra room. what do you guys think?
I have 3 inch pinnacle lifts with 32x11.5 with no rubbing but I haven't gone off-roading yet. I heard that you should be able to go up to 35 inch. 88 fj62 w 201k
Have you thought abour 32x9.50? Less wander, easier on your steering components, probably a better ride and definitely better traction in mud. JMHO
Who ha 32 9.5" tires? I've been looking for a new set and was planning on goin gwith 33X9.5 just because the only width I found in 32 was 11.5 and I don't want that wide.
i dont think id like 9.5. I like wider so that i can have the most traction and can climb stuff plus i wont flip as easily.

i have a second question:
where would i buy some good strong completely BLACk rims?
those are cool but i really hate the red stripe around the edge of the rim. I am really looking for a solid black wheel.
nevermind i found the right rock crawlers. but im not sure about how many lug or the backspacing. i dont know everything about my truck yet. I have been told to get 3.5" backspacing but 3.5" backspacing costs more. whats up with that? anyway i plan on buying from and dont know what i should pick and also would i have to buy any caps for them or would my toyota caps snap on or what? please help. -TC
I have been told to get 3.5" backspacing but 3.5" backspacing costs more. whats up with that?
You MUST get 3.5 inch backspacing. No questions. You plain and simple have to. Its because of the massive brake drums, and other stuff. I don't know exactly why, but Woody and others have said it, so I believe it. :bow:
32s should work fine with your stock suspension. When I first got my 35s, I put them on my stock 62 just for giggles and hey they fit. Since my lift was on its way , I drove around for about a week like that (not recommended but what the hell), they only rubbed when cornering hard and off road of course. Anyway, they now work fine with a 2.5" OME lift and 1.5" extended shackles. Sooo, you should be able to run up to 33s no problem. As far as wheels go, I ordered those rockcrawlers from 4Whlpartswholesalers, but they sent me the wrong backspacing, so be careful. Since I already had the tires mounted I just used .25" wheel spacers in the front from CCOT. Some people don,t like them, but I still had plenty of thread left on the studs and since have put ~12,000 miles on them and lots o'wheeling in Moab. :dunno:
If your shackles are only on the rear to make up for sagging in the springs, you are probabaly about stock height. I found 31 x 10.5 to be a great fit on stock suspension. With an actual lift of 2.5" all-around you can go to 33's without any problems that I have heard of (sticking to a 10.5 width anyway). Remember that going to bigger tires will change your gear ratio quite a bit, taking away the low end but, adding to top speed and maybe gas mileage.

The ratio on the 60/62 is 3.70 stock, to get back to the same gearing with 33's you need to swap out to a 4.11 (or more?) to get back to the original. There is a useful calculator at

The bolt pattern is 6 on 5.5".

Hope it helps.. Garsh, my first post..
My 88 on 2.5OME springs and 35s. Best picture I have but a fun one.
Damn erfworm...  How 'bout gettin' us a straight shot of your rig with the 2.5 inch OME and 35's!!! :eek:  I gotta see how stuffed they are when your rig is just chillin' in your driveway...

Or are you gonna be down for Cruise Moab to cross that crack again... Here's me in the crack with my 5+ year old 2.5 NWOR lift with 32x11.5s
o.k. o.k. I'll have to borrow a digital camera, but to put it in perspective fender space is equal to stock lift with 31s. Would love to go to cruise moab, but I gotta do the school thing. Try to get a better pic. soon. :G
alright here ya go. Had to extend my bumpstops but I can live with the loss of compression. Now if I can only put in them ford towers and longer shocks, hmmm.... :G
sorry, I hate modems. lets try again shall we :mad: ???
and for comparison. Stock 1989 FJ62 with 31s and 180k miles
Man, I sure like the idea of 35s on my 60. I've got 33s on it now, with about the same clearance you have - roughly 2.5 inches lift (rearched and aal), but apparently more like 2. I've been thinking about 4 inch BTB springs, or maybe Alcans, but I'd have to do gears, too. Would you say it would be worth the time and $$$$, after wheeling with 35s?

Well it depends on what kind of wheeling you do, but I see that you have a rear locker, V8, and an auto, so I'm going go out on a limb and say you would definately appreciate 35s. Not once did I hit my rockers or undercarraige on the Golden Spike trail, which was my main concern with the 62s wheelbase. I'm running my stock gearing (4.11) because of money issues right now and have to do alot of 3rd gear driving around Montana's passes but its tolerable for the time being. Lower gears would definately be great (4.56-4.88) but the auto trans is very forgiving rock crawling. Kind of scary on those steep slickrock decents though. If you're running 4.11s you'd be o.k. for awhile, but gearing upgrade is always a benefit. That's my .02cents :G

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