Slight Whine

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Sep 5, 2020
2000 100 series USA version. I've only owned it for about a month and since owning it I've noticed it has a whine/vibration that changes with acceleration. When I put my hand on the transfer case shifter It feels like the vibration from that matches the whine. Not sure if this is a normal thing or if something is tweaked?
As it’s new to you, grease the ujoints and driveshaft. There are fittings to make it easy and it’s a regular maintenance. After that, other diagnosis will be easier.

These trucks also have some gear whine when freezing temps, until warm.-
My T-case whines the first half mile of a drive when its cold, the colder it gets the louder the whine but the distance is still about the same.

I was up for a gear lube interval a year ago and I switched from 80w90 dyno to 75w90 synthetic. I noted that the gear lash noise went away faster on cold mornings. If you don't know the maintenance history on the diff/t-case fluids you could consider doing them and see if it improves.
Feeling some vibrations when touching the transfer case shifter is normal. The shifter is a direct mechanical link to the transfer case.
I've been chasing this same thing. I first thought the auto, then perhaps accessories but now I'm sure it's the transfer case.
The noise changes with rpm which rules out diff
The noise goes away in neutral which rules out accessories.

If you listen to it, it sounds like a bad diff but quieter and matching the revs. That says to me it's something mechanically similar and that leads me to the transfer case rather than the auto.

I'm told the transfer case has straight cut gears in it which are inherently noisy.

I've been reccomended to give this a try


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