Sleeping Mats for 80 seris and others (60s or 100s)

Jun 11, 2003
I have two exercise mats measuring 24" x 72" x ~2" for sale that are a perfect fit and EXTREMELY comfortable for sleeping in the back of an 80 series LC. I used these for a six week trip through the Rockies a few years back and had a hard time adjusting to my comfortable bed when I returned. They are black in color and are a nice rubberlike vinyl covered foam that make them impermeable to liquid. They fold into four sections for a cube that is 18" x 24" x 8". They are in great shape with only a few tiny small slits in the covering (barely notcieable) and the foam is not broken down at all.

I got a deal on some Mountain Hardware thermarest like chair pads that are a bit easier to pack in for backcountry winter camping so I am offering these for sale here to clean out the garage even though they are probably more comfortable than the new ones. $60.00 shipped within continental US.

PM if interested.

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