Sleeping/Camping/Overland Beginner on a Budget Update (1 Viewer)

Nov 7, 2020
Ive spent a lot of time in my FJ over the past few months. I have tweaked what works for me a little more, and thought i would share.
Initially i had the Ikea Futon on the raised base, and stored things underneath. It was comfortable, but i felt like i needed a little more head room. I removed the base, and i have found that i am much more comfortable. If i decide to relax in the back for a few hours, i am able to stretch out and relax a little better. If i sleep overnight, i simply flatten the futon and it is a very comfortable option.
With the underneath storage removed, i keep several tactical style Molle backpacks. I have one designated for Clothing, Food/Drinks, Miscellaneous, dirty laundry, and shower backpack with all toiletries. I removed the seat belts, and utilize the bolts that held them as hangers for my backpacks to clear up space.
Its a work in progress, but its a very cheap entry for anyone entering the overland arena, or having a hard time sleeping without their FJ. Will include a few pictures of the futon as a bed and as a traditional sofa. I will include a few pics with and without gear so that you can get a feel for the space. Happy Holidays....






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