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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
While at Slee Offroad getting the t-case skid plate I asked if they had the old running board style slider. They did 8). I installed them at a hotel parkinglot in Silverthorne CO. They were easy to install even though I only had metric tools. I layed under the 80 and lifted and bolted them on with no problems. The driver slider middle support needs a shim ( Christo has them but I didn't make it back to his shop) as there is a gap there. I will try to make one or have him ship it to me. I tried it on some rocks with the running boards on (they bolt on the slider) I hit a rock hard and there was no damage :) The t-case skid plate bolts up to the slider. The skid plate is very heavy duty. They had a dented one at there shop. It must of hurt when they hit that rock. The t-case would of been trashed if the stock plate would of been on. If you don't have one you better get one before it is to late.
I didn't plan on getting the slider but it made the wife and kids happy that they can get in and out of the 80 with ease now (they short) :D
kurt, how do you like the wild country tires? traction, ice, snow, mileage, noise, etc.?
The Wild Country RVT (mud) is the tire I have used since 1985. Its a great tire. I ran the P235/15 on my Toyota mini and I got 60k mi on them. The LT 285 I have now have some noise but not that bad. They are great on ice,snow, mud etc. The best part is if you find the right dealer they are a lot cheaper than namebrand tires. I paid about $135 for LT 285/75/R16 each. I rotate them and use the balancing sand Counteract. That stuff works too. Equal I think is the other brand of balancing sand. I have the semi type but should ues the auto type Counteract. Every time I called Counteract they gave me a differernt answer to my question. I ended up with 4oz in the tire. 3.5 oz made the tire shake till it balanced out.
I just checked their site and they say 4oz now. Last year they said I could use the semi type at 3.5 oz. Now I should use 4oz of the auto stuff ::)

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