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Feb 5, 2006
Hi Guys , I am looking to do a roof rack on my 1996 lx 450 , I was looking at what slee offered ... very nice I do like the aluminum .
I would like to do the half rack , but have not ruled out the full .
I would like to mount the spare on the roof , I did read a few guys said they could feel the weight when taking a turn .
If anyone could let me know how they like there rack ...Do I have to remove the OEM ...and should I remove it if I do up grade to the new rack .

Thanks again

I don't think the outback rack that slee sells will fit with the OEM rack on the rig.

Also, if you get the half-rack and store your tire up there, I don't know that you'd have much room to stash much else up there.
I have the full length Outback rack. I believe you could mount it with the factory rack installed. There is quite a bit of adjustment in the height of the 6 mounting feet. However, I think it would be a bad idea to leave the factory rack on the vehicle. It would look goofy and the old rack breeds rust and wears away your paint at the mount points.

I guess you could throw your spare up on the Outback rack but keep in mind that it is heavy and getting it up there and down could be an issue. For certain it would be an effort for most wives though I'm told John Hocker's wife routinely manages to get their spare up and down. For a good laugh, find Photoman's related post from a few years ago. He may have embellished the story for our benefit but it's still worth looking for the post.

There are a number of posts in Outfitting describing the Outback and other roof racks with pictures and more detail.

Re: Rack

Thnaks for the info guys ..." B " Whats the outback rack going to set me back ... With the full rack can you still use the sun roof ... dose it have a flip out area ...?

Thanks again

The full length Outback has an optional hatch over the moonroof.

Go to the Slee offroad web site for pricing on the new ones that they are getting. We recently heard the new ones are powdercoated black. I prefer the silver but that's because it matches my truck. :D

The color wouldn't have deterred my purchase because I was looking for specific features that the Outback has; welded aluminum; powder coated; adjustable mounting brackets; variety of attachments (hi-lift, shovel, jerry cans); moonroof hatch; and removable top rail. It also has these nifty slots for the eye bolts and other uses.


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