Slee Blue Bushings

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Jan 6, 2008
So my set arrived along with the template. Anyone have or know someone with a press? I spoke with Rick @ Nelson on doing them, but he only has a 12ton and wasnt sure A) if he could and B) would charge is typical hourly rate. So $120 to do just the removing of the old bushing and installation of the new. Or $240 estimated (could change) if I just drop the truck off and let them do it all.

Surely with a press and little help we could knock this out a little cheaper?? maybe?
I'm not familiar with the whole deally-bob and how the bushings mount. but I would imagine it is possible to make a press- say with some all- thread and washers/sockets/pipe sections and grease the nuts?
Again, I have not clue what is going on down there.. Just a thought, now I have to go look under there and see how wrong I am.
You have to press the old ones out and then the new ones in. Some people have reported luck with smaller presses, but some people have not been able to make a smaller press work.

(Hmm, didn't someone tell you to go with some plates? :lol: )
Sweet. Think we can give it shot one of these days Aric?
Ok, after pondering this a little more this morning.

If I use the bushing, there is no going back (at least without having to press everything again and the cost of the OEM bushing)

If I use the plates at least I can go back, and just sell the plates and get the blues again.

My concern with the plates with drive line shakes. Seems its about a 50/50 chance.

Hmmmm..... yes should have listened to Gabe and others that said plates.

Plates will put my caster @ 4*
Bushings will put my caster @ 2*
Either way I should be within spec (2*-4* spec)
Those are what they will be. Currently @ -1.2* and -1.0*.
Aside from the drive shaft possible issue, do I need (like Slee says) to drop my front sway as well?
What does Slee recomend? The bushings or the plate thingy? Which is the "right way" to do it? If you have the bushings and that's the "better" option it's at least worth giving it a try...
the less adjustment you make, the less other stuff you have to mess with.
i personally think 4* is a bit much.
Ty, let me know if you want to hit the press, just bring safety glasses. :flipoff2:
What does Slee recomend? The bushings or the plate thingy? Which is the "right way" to do it? If you have the bushings and that's the "better" option it's at least worth giving it a try...

It depends on how high you want to go.

If you're gonna stay at 2-3", then go with the bushings and be happy. If you're going to go higher, than you'll have to press in new OEM bushing when you switch to plates.

The "problem" with pressing in the Slee or OME bushings is that they cause interference if you try and use them and the plates. So it's kinda a one or the other scenario.
Hmmm..... decisions. Ill keep you posted :)
f*ck it, lol, I think the plates would be easier to install and provide more room for growth. But as I sit now, Im happy, and the :princess:.

Not planning on going with more lift until I can afford all the right stuff..... which will be sometime.

I have the bushing in my hands now. Aric you rock, thank you. Ill hit you up sometime to slam those things in. I think your right on 4* being a little too much on that end of the spectrum. I would if I were planning upgrades in the near future. But im not.

Thanks guys :)

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