SOLD SLC, UT: Landshark KISS Drawers for 100 Series, LX470, etc

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Jul 2, 2020
United States
I purchased these last month from @erikvogel to try and adapt them to my GX460 but after spending some time and taking some measurements, it's proving more complicated than I initially thought and I'll be better off custom building something myself (or waiting for @cruzerDave to make a set for the GX! :))

I have not made any cuts or modifications to the drawers at all. They are in the same condition as when Erik dropped them off. Looking to sell for exactly what I paid.
This is the original thread: SOLD - SLC, UT: KISS Drawers for 100 Series, Full Line-X, Marine Hardware, Fridge Slide

Erik really did an incredible job building these outwith fantastic attention to detail, excellent hardware, and small upgrades (e.g. recessed rare earth magnets in the wings) that really set them apart from a basic drawer set.

Located in Salt Lake City near U of U
Local pickup only

This is what Erik wrote about them in his post:

These are a set of KISS drawers that fit 100 series Land Cruiser / LX470. Here are the details:

I built these with a LandShark outfitter drawer kit: KISS Drawers and made a number of improvements including:

All marine grade stainless steel recessed hinges and latch pulls for the wings to keep it smooth on top
Magnetic hold downs for the wings
Paddle locks / handles for the drawers with 4 identical keys
Recessed and removable hold down points (x4) - to keep everything smooth on top
Motion activated, battery powered LED drawer lights in each drawer
Aluminum on front edge to prevent chipping
Fully Line-X coated, coating looks excellent. Easy to clean and maintain. Super strong.
Removable fridge / cooler slide

An excellent set of drawers. I am selling since I am selling my LX, and returning it back to stock configuration. They are currently installed in my truck, but I can quickly remove them. Very easy to install. LPU only - no way to ship them.



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Do you know the dimensions by chance? Also, does this still use the 3rd row seats to stay locked to the floor?

I'm tempted, but I would be trying to fit it in an 80 series....
Man wish you were closer

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