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Nov 6, 2004
Lodge Grass, Montana
Okay -

October 14-17th is comin up fast! (if we need to back it up one week that is all cool too!)

I will be hosting the first annual Skinwalker Run - Right now I am on wi/fi in Steamworks Brewery in Durango - but should be home Sunday.

If you are interested in going - please post up - roll call!

Oh details - I will be camping in the only park around - if you prefer a hotel - I would do the Holiday Inn - it is nice for a Rez Hotel...

The Rez is dry - so bring tons of beer or whatever but keep it covered on your way across the Rez -

It will be between 4-5 hours from Phoenix -

The run will be all day Saturday - from about 9:00am to 4:00pm - followed by a cookout!

If you are interested -
Feb 22, 2004
We are in.
Where is the park located that we are going to camp in?
Is it a city park, campground, or is it part of the national park?


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