Ski Rack/ fishing rod Holder, kayak rack?

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Anthony. aka arich
Apr 20, 2004
New York
The THULE website does not give the proper recommendation for the LC200. It assumes it has no roof rack.
If anyone has a rack please tell me what you've bought.

I hope that it will also fit the 100.
I've been using Thule rack system on both my LC200 and FJC. Get 2 "Load Bars" in the length you need, and 4 "CrossRoad Railing Foot Sets". Post #13 on this thread from a few years ago has info on the Thule parts: Thule roof rack kayak carrier pics - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum. I use the same set for both trucks, and they hold the kayak carriers, cargo box, snowboard/ski carriers, or any combination thereof.

Good for rooftop tents too:

Whatever size of load bars you get, you can always customize the length by sawing them down.

BTW, I've also hooked up the snowboard/ski carriers (Thule and Yakima) directly on the O.E. crossbars.
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