Size of Rear License Plate Screw?

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Mar 28, 2003
Any takers?

I can' t find any run of the mill auto parts stores that has one that will fit.
That would be 6 x 1.0 mm

"YOU FED A BABY CHILI ?........." :eek:
Wierd how info keeps showing up as needed here ... I have ordered custom plates , and expect them anyday now . So I was wondering about the size of those screws . mine are rusted , and I'd like to replace them with stainless steel , if I can find any in 6x1.0 mm .



>> "YOU FED A BABY CHILI ?........." <<

OK, I'll bite. What does this mean? ???

It's a line from MR MOM with Michael Keaton. So is "220 or 221"
And here I thought it was in reference to Ghost cruiser's avatar ... kinda looked like a red baby ... post chilli feeding . Then I realized it was a 'lil devil .. :-/

As I recall the character, played by Micheal Keaton, is remodelling. Someone comes in and asks "Are you going to use a 220 connection on that?" Sounding as manly as possible he replies, "220, 221, whatever it takes."

Thats me buying autoparts. :G
i found some stainless steel metric license fasteners at the local advance auto,but they use a theft resistant allen key(the screw head has a little nib in the center and the allen key has a matching hole to allow it to fit)
but they are stainless steel(which is cool)

Allen key ... perfect for personalized plates . So they don't wander off . Thanx for the idea Doug !

thanks again CDan,

Mr. Mom - one of the better movies out there...
I needed new license plate screws and went to my dealership to ask about them and the parts clerk just gave me a couple.
no hassle, right size,

"here... you just take these bananas"

Sounds like the way my Toyota parts department treats me! :G

It's like anything else in life, if you establish a friendly relationship with a business (pub, bar, restaurant, parts store) and they get to know you, life is more pleasant for both of you. They recognize your loyalty and will do everything they can to keep you as a customer. If you walk in and treat them like dirt then you should expect to be treated the same way.

If you'll recall, we learned this in Kindergarten.

(Stepping down from soapbox)
Hey CDan,

Are the threads coarse or fine. I picked up a 6 mm 1.0 pitch yesterday and is was still to tight to screw all the way in. I didn't notice the thread type.

I have a 92, any thread difference.
They are all 6 x 1.0 mm. Sometimes folks try to shove something else in there and bugger up the threads some.

You can chase them with a 6 x 1.0 tap and you will probably be OK.

&nbsp:Dan :beer:
I confirmed the 6 x 1.0mm last night and replaced the rusty screws I had with stainless ones based on this thread. Fit perfect. :G

There is no coarse of fine thread type as in the US standard fasteners. It's all in the size. 6x1.0 mm means 6mm diameter and 1 thread every mm. So if you wanted a finer thread it would be something like 6x1.25mm or 6mm diameter and 1.25 threads every mm.


That's backwards. It's millimeters per thread.
1.0 is 1mm per thread
1.25 is 1.25 mm per thread
1.5 is 1.5 mm per thread
And so on.............

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