Siverton, Co August 1

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Not sure.
I normally go with a bunch of LSLC and TTR folks in that time frame but last I heard most of the others were out this year so I have been planning a 2 week tour of National Parks instead.
Keep me up to date on what your plan is and I may try to link up with you either going up or coming back south.

I am planning living the first week of August, for a week long trip, trying to get in contact with local groups(Colorado). Do you know any good routes in this particular area or any other area in Colorado?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Do the alpine loop. It goes through (or near) silverton. Made up of engineers and cinnamon pass. I did it a few years ago, along with Imogene and Ophir. Lots of fun. The alpine loop has plenty of cool camping spots too.
TLCA has the Rising Sun Aug 7. Are we overlapping?
Go on amazon or to 4wd (?) and find one of the trail books for SW Colo.
A lot depends on your experience level and what you are interested in as to what to advise you to do.
I would suggest.
Cinnamon pass- Silvertone to Lake city Easy trail-eat at the Texaco station in Lake City. Texas transplants run the restaurant and the food is good. In fact several good eats in Lake city.

Engineer pass-Lake City to Ouray. Mostly easy but the Ouray end of the trail has a few tight spots to get you used to the mountains.

Ophir pass-Starts off the highway between Silverton and Ouray and runs to Telluride. Awesome scenery. Eat in Telluride but bring your plastic. Pricy!

Imogene Pass-Telluride to Ouray-This one is easy in the 4wd sense but it will make your sphincter shrink due to the narrow trial and long, long, long way down in a few spots.

Silverton, Ouray, Lake City, Creede are all great towns to poke around the shops and generally chillout.

Here is a post from last years trip thread. Read Chris King's lessons learned.

Here is the full thread on last years adventure. We went more central to start last time and we camped the whole time, no hotels.

And finally Todd's pics thread from last years trip to get you in the right frame of mind.
Thanks for the information, I guess i will be driving solo...maybe catch the Raising Sun club event .

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