Sirius Satellite Radio in 65 FJ40

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Aug 21, 2006
I've been searching the FAQ and have yet to see if anyone has talked about Sirius Satellite Radio in a FJ40. If anyone has put this in an older FJ...please share and show pics!

i was just thinking about this today. I have a starmate replay that I was thinking about installing in place of the ashtray. Maybe get some sheet metal to make a mount?
I have a few Sirius radios, and probably the easiest one to use in multiple vehicles is something self contained like the Sirius One. It looks like a radar detector and just sticks to the windshield.
If you got a Stiletto and a car kit you could mount it almost anywhere on the dash.
Small Head Unit.JPG
I've got the xact visor

which mounts on the visor, or you can turn the bracket around and stick it between the dash and the windshield (might not work if you have dash pads installed)
this unit would probably also be a good candidate for an ashtray mount, as the bracket comes off and it's not much bigger than a cigarette pack. and it seems to be one of the better receivers
the pain is mounting the antenna, most of them are magnetic, and an fj40 has a fibreglass roof cap. if you are just leaving it in the one vehicle, double sided tape might work i tried sticking it on the roofrack crossbar, and it couldn't get a signal, so I just stuck it on the hood :hillbilly:
btw, haven't heard a lot good about the sportsters, two guys at work have them, and they seem to suck, and similar comments here on mud in a couple of threads IIRC
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