Single-Gang Weatherproof 110 outlet

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Feb 14, 2009
los angeles, kahlifornia
Hi all,

Not sure where to post this, since there's no electrical forum.

I am going to drop a couple inverters in my FJ55. on the one in the front, i want to put a single gang 110 plug on my dash. i've done some googling and i haven't been able to find any. basically, what i want is the 110 outlets like you see on many modern cars. i just want one that i can mount in my dash. as a plus, i'd love one that was at least slightly weatherproof (has a spring loaded, cover with rubber gasket or something).

has anyone seen them anywhere?
The new Tacomas have a 110 outlet in the bed side that is perfect for what you are trying to do. Waterproof and reasonably priced from the dealer.
Try west marine, I'm pretty sure I saw one last time I was in there.
You kidding Coolerman, I loved how bright the light glowed the first time I found that light in dads glovebox and stuck it in the outlet in the garage. Of course a millisecond after I plugged it in it went out. Then I figured it out :)

Sorry, off topic
I think they sell weatherproof outlet covers at the home improvement stores. Maybe you could just take the cover to adapt it. It's spring loaded with a foam rubber seal to keep water out. They looks similar to the one on this box. I'm also looking at adding in some 110 outlets, just haven't figured out where to put it.

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