Since I'm back from Afghanistan

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Sep 28, 2004
San Clemente, CA
Here is another question about the 40....
2 years ago I installed a HD OME kit on my 60. I now also have a 77 Fj40. My questions is this.
the 40 is not a daily driver and it's not going to see a whole lot of the trail, but I would like to give her a bit of a lift.

Her leaves are good, so can I just give her a bit of a lift by replacing her shackles with maybe a 2.5 incher?

Just a thought, wht is your recomendation?

Thanks again MUD,:beer::beer::beer:
Hi All:

"Boerboel," glad to hear that you made it back in one piece! :beer:

Regarding lifting the suspension on the FJ40, I assume it has stock leaf springs on it currently? How much lift are you looking to obtain, cheap and easy?

Semper Fi

Thanks for your service! Glad you made it home safely!

Go ahead and lift it with springs. You should have some extra money from the deployment. Damn sure isn't anywhere to spend it over there if I remember correctly. Hell Creek Suspensions Inc., lift kit, 4WD, lift kits, off road, body lifts, 4x4 Great price and a good product. We have at least 4 trucks in our club running the 4" springs at this time with no problems. Great guy to deal with too. Tell Tom you heard about them on Mud.

Thanks all for the kind words. It's good to be back but I'm having a harder time adjusting from this Counter Narcotices gig than I had returning from Iraq. I've found it easier to function there than it is here in Cali. It's sad but I can't wait to get back to that hell hole.

Not sure if I want to go the hole lift route, but rather a down a dirty, quick lift to get a little hight. I will do the full 4" lift in the near future. I guess I'm looking for a small project to do on the 40 without alot of bucks. I had an extra $12,000 to play with until the wife called me over there and told me that a pipe burst in our slab and we had to have the entire house re-piped. What a bitch and what are you going to do?

YOu say one piece? I'm 3rd from the left. That IED was intended for my team on my Birthday, March 8th 2008 in Helmand Prov, Afghanistan. during our time there we found 4 more, or they found us. We didn't loose a single man. It blew up 50m behind us after we passed it. We missed running over the presure plate by 5 feet. The blast killed the father and his two small childern who were in the mini van. Was not a pretty sight.

Semper Fi,
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Man! That's a great pic. You must be livin' right is all I can say. When you do decide you want to do the lift give the guys at Hell Creek a call. They will do ya right. Tell em' of your service and you will probably get a discount.

Thanks Jeff, I'll give them a call when I'm ready to lift her. I will tell you that I love my job as a contractor. I love it more than when I was an active duty Marine. Thanks again for your reply to my post.

Semper Fi
Welcome back, brother. I did the OME 2.5" leaf lift with a 2" shackle lift. The leafs settled down fast so most of the my current lift is from the shackles. Running 33's right now with no problems. Hope this helps.
I just bought a set of 4'' Downey springs for my 73 just over $400 with bushings my buddy has been running them on his 71 and works great. Welcome back were here in the San Bernardino area if you need anything maybe we can help but as to your question I ran stock springs with extended shackles for years running 31 '' MTR's with no problem Good Luck

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