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Feb 19, 2008
Today I was leaving my mothers in West Ashley off Glenn McConnel Hwy....and saw a silver body and white top with white steelies...FJ40 hard top pull out from West Ashley Highschool and head towards Beesferry. He accelerated like bat out of hell so guessing he has a V8 under that hood as never saw an old FJ40 push it out like that :D Also thought I saw some slight exhaust smoke from duals....

So I kicked down the much maligned FJC and gave chase as I was going the long way down 61 to Summerville for the scenic drive. The silver FJ40 turned into new area of Shadowmoss and I kept going.

I did not see any TLCA sticker or anything else but it looked very clean and obviously ran good.... If we had cards I would ride around in there to see where he lived and stick a card in his windshield.

ANyone know him?


Crazy old Biker
Mar 8, 2008
Sumter SC
Have seen the rig you described but don't know him. Will keep eyes peeled however and also try to run him down.

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