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Aug 18, 2011
I want to install a snorkel and a friend said they can be loud. Is this true? Is it loud all the time or only when you accelerate hard?

I have one on my '40 and it doesn't make any noise at all at any throttle setting, or on the highway.
I bet you feel even more silly for spelling question without the "S"! If you are running a diesel, you won't hear any difference. If you are running gas/petrol, it depends on your snorkel. My friends here run stainless snorkels with 1J or 1JZ turbo's and they make no difference to sound - the engines sound awesome tho! I guess if your engine is real smooth, you might hear some wind noise off a plastic snorkel.
Thanks for the comments I guess I should have mention the 40 has a Ramjet if that helps
It is still just an air intake, cannot picture it every making noise other then maybe he is talking about the wind rushing around it, but cannot picture that being louder then an FJ40 in general. Sure he is not talking about the exhaust, some people run the exhaust to exit at the roof line as well, maybe that would be noisy?
I went ahead and installed the snorkel and air box, both worked out great no noise matter a fact its quieter. Thanks all for the input

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