Silent Armor or Dueler AT Revo on FJ Cruiser

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Jul 7, 2005
Way North of Denver
I will soon(already) need tires for my FJ Cruiser. I currently have the stock yard tires(Dunlapped Slicks). After considering my wants/needs, I searched the forum, read lots of posts and found some good advice and initial impressions. I think you've helped me narrow down my choices to two.

Now, I was wondering what people who have had the Wrangler Silent Armor or Dueler AT Revos think about them after a year or two on their FJ Cruiser. Not wanting a lift or spacers and staying with the stock alloy rims, I will probably be purchasing the 265/70/17.
the Wrangler Silent Armor are an awesome tire , Great for snow and mud plus quit on road. one negative is loss 2 MPG but whatever
x1 for the Silent Armor
I'm running the Dueler AT 285/70/R17 on stock rims. They are a great tire for people who want a tire that will do well off road and still roll quiet and smooth on the highway. I was kinda worried about how they would do off road and in snow, but i've been really surprised by how well they perform. Especially in snow, ice, and slush. If you want to get hardcore off road, these aren't for you, but they are for sure more aggressive than what you are running, and they are good tires.
Got the 265 Dueler AT Revos on my rig, and they've been great so far in Tahoe's snow and ice-covered roads. Good grip on wet roads too. Found the weakness a couple weeks ago when I got into some mud and muck. Stock height wasn't helping either. But the treads filled up with mud and lost a lot of traction and bottomed out. After several attempts, had to get tow strapped out. But that was fun too.

Those Revos are the first mod/upgrade for me. Just got a set of Demellow sliders, and now I'm eyeballing the OME lift kit. Once I get that, that should set me up for the off roading I want to do.

I do recommend them, but if you're going for harder trails in the future, I'm sure you'll be looking for a more aggressive tire.
I'm running the Revos and they perform excellent on pavement. Rain, snow, gravel, what have you. They are great for what I need with the ability to do well for the occasional off road excursion. The appearance is pretty subtle IMO, if you don't want to stand out as the off roader in the crowd, almost impossible with this rig:doh:
Definitely one of my best automotive investments.
The Pirellie Scorpion ATR is another tire you should consider in the All Terrain group that is not only a good deal at Discount Tire ($130 in stock size) but also excellent in the wet and snow... quiet on the highway as well... scored tops in the user survey on Tire Rack... warrantied for 55k miles... we'll see on life...




almost all AT tread patterns are going to suffer in deep mud. If you want to play in mud, go for some Mud Terrain tires. They will be loud and hurt your fuel economy though. The Revos have stepped lugs to aid in trowing the mud out of the lugs. The 285/75/R16 tires are actually more aggressive than the 70. The tread is a little deeper so you'll probably do a little better in mud than me.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
Are the tires in that size a "P" rated tire or an "LT" rated tire?

LT tires are tougher and have deeper tread. Compare the tread depth of identical AT tires that are P and LT and you will find a huge difference.

In other words, find an LT rated tire that will fit your needs.

As far as your choice of AT's, I would run the Yokohama Geolander AT-S, the Nitto Terra Grappler, or the BFG ATKO in that order of preference so I can't help you there.
Another vote for the Revos. I have 'em and love them. They do great in rain and snow, never had a problem in light mud.

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