Side window removal

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Jul 28, 2007
I'm just getting the last few items sorted out before I tare down my rusty BJ70 for the tub repairs. I've almost finished the rotisserie I'm building so I can do the job right. I'm going to weld in patches I'll cut out of the damaged RHD JDM tub I picked up and replace the rocker panels with the new OEM ones I bought from Toyota. The plan is rhino liner on the floor, under carriage and sides from the lower body line down after I fix the rust and lay down a good coat of EP primer. Any way, I have to pop the left hand side glass to get at some rust and was wondering if there is a trick to it or is it just like most vehicles from that era? No point in doing it half way or I'll be dealing with rust again in no time at all.


The rotisserie ............. almost done!

I'll start a thread and keep it updated as this will be the most rust I've fixed on a restoration. Running the welder alone will be spendy.

It depnds on whether you want to replace the weatherstrip.

If you are to replace it, just cut it with a sharp knife, from the outside, about half inch from the outer edge, following the strip's shape. The window just pops out. Be careful, it does not weigh much but it is fragile.

If you want to keep the strip, pry it loose from within with a flat screwdriver. Insert the tip (it is better to tape it) under the weatherstrip's outer lip, push a little and out it goes. Repeat it along the perimeter. Again, the window pops out.

It is better to have somebody to help you handling the window.

Hope this helps.


As I suspected it's like most of the vehicles from that era.

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