Side molding / fender flares

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Apr 19, 2017
Missing one piece on my 100 …. Should I try to source another one or remove the other three?

Easy to remove or no?

YES…. It’s mostly screws/clips and some double sided tape. Pretty simple to remove. Just take your time and investigate as you go. Use Goo Gone on the old double sided tape and the inevitable dirt you’ll find behind them. The little black rubber gasket will be gently stuck and once you have everything removed, you may have a little paint scarring where they rubbed and a slight ridge in the clearcoat outlining the old flares outlines. Just consider these flaws “character”. There won’t be any holes left. There’s a couple of old threads with additional details on removal.

FYI, these are Bushwhacker flares and they still list them for sale on their website. ($420)
1998 Toyota Land Cruiser | OE Style Fender Flares - Best OE Factory Style Fender Flares by Bushwacker -

Here’s the installation instructions.

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