Sick of these headlght problems

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Mar 18, 2006
Ok, ever since i bought this fj, i have had headlight problems, fuses blowing, wires getting real hot. So last night i completly ripped out the old switch and wires goint to it and started fress with a new toggle switch. I wire everything to it and it all works:) . Now tonight, i flip the switch and all is well, as i am driving i smell something cooking, oh great, turns out that the wire that ges to the tail lights and side markers is melting hot. Same scenario as before, now the lights are all dim. I can't figure it out, i'm starting to think that the main problem is that there is only one very skinny wire going to the rear left tail light, right tail light, left side marker light, and right side marker light. Only one wire. At least the fuse doesn't blow. What is the problem?
Rear lights are grounded through the body frame. For wires to heat up/melt have to have a short in wiring to rear lights. It should blow the fuse if this occurs? Could you have wired around the fuse during your "upgrade" ? Just a thought...
You have a short somewhere in the tail circuit. Do you have the wrong fuse installed? It should blow way before you get to the point of melting wires. My guess you have (or the PO has) an oversized fuse to keep from blowing the proper one. It is correct as I recall, that one wire feeds both tail lights.

Look carefully at the wiring. I had an issue with the License plate wires where the insulation had worn off and would blow the fuse. There is a connector in the harness on the PS frame just behind the rear axle. Disconnect this. If you still have hot wires, you know the problem is not in the rear. If the problem is gone, then you know the problem is past that point.

If you have any trailer wiring at all, the problem will be there. Tear it all out. If you have enough current draw to heat up the wires, it will be easy to find.
Ok i think i found what all the problems were, it seems the po had only one very thin wire carry both taillight and side marker lights. Idiot. so i went back and reconnected to the factory harness that he had cut:confused: :confused: Now everything works, i just can't seem to figure out why?? Why did he cut up a perfectly good harness? I guess i have screwed myself now for saying that. Will let you guys know. Thanks/.

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