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Mar 27, 2003
i was out four wheeling today, it was pretty heavy fourhwllin. got stuck a couple of times and had to winch out. but i stoped to check tires and all cuz i blew a tire of my rim earlier in the day. after i got done checkin my tires and got back in and shut my door, passanger did the same and when he shut his door. my engine died. and wouldn't start back up. all gauges were reading normal. any ideas as to why it just quite on me? it eventually started up after about 10 minutes of sitting. only reason that i could think of is that my engine is just tired and old even after the rebuild. any help would be appriciated. thanks
could you of flooded the engine. i was climbing a pretty good hill one time and flooded mine. had to wait about 10 minutes but it worked out.
would my gauges have not read normal? t was idealing fine about 2-3 minutes b4 the passenger shut his door
maybe a loose connection somewhere? :dunno: slamming the door shorted it out
Mine did something similar. It was fuel related. I have an electric fuel pump. I was moving along about 10 mph in 4lo, hit a bump and i just died. Then I opened hood, turned key on but the fuel pump wasn't pumping. took air cleaner off, and sure nuff there wasn't any fuel in the carb, acclerator pump wasn't pumping, sight glass was empty. Put it all back together and was using the starter to move it out of the way to get my friends Rover around it when it started. No explanation, have been driving it with no *fuel* problems ever since.
You have a Weber carb, Nate?
its a stock rebuilt carb from SOR. not sure what they were..
so i'm guessing it probably is.
The stock carb is made by Aisen. I wondered about a Weber because they have a reputation for problems when on incline.

Maybe your fuel solenoid cutoff switch, or the wire going to it from the coil, has a short in it?

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