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Feb 25, 2010
So I got the EDIC relay and motor working... Now I find out that the very small "key" that locks the shaft from pump to the armature that the EDIC control arm moves has broken out! Now I cannot get enough "throw" or "turn" of the shaft to shut the fuel valve off. If I just clamp the armature onto the shaft there is not enough movement "pre-loaded" into the shaft to shut the fuel off. (Hope I'm explaining this right!) Any ideas? I had a cable-actuated shut down rigged up but the boss wants the EDIC shut down working.... Oh yeah, its an '86 BJ75 and I'm in the US if that means anything.
Jun 4, 2009
in cold north
Scrap the edic and install a neat looking cable shut-down, tell the boss you upgrade edic to manual control "becouse it's how the pro's roll and it increases the cool factor by ton", problem solved... That or tig the key back to shaft..

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