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Dec 14, 2011
Richmond, KY
i have a 85 fj60 and am in the process of getting it back to factory. I bought the truck and it had headers and a DUI distributor on it. It was partially desmogged. I wanted to properly desmog it and after i did it had a miss at hwy speeds between 2300 and 2600 rpm. I just put a factory distributor on and don't have a timing light. I dialed it in based on sound(first time i didn't look at the RPM). I drove it for about 4 miles and it was idling high 1500 rpms, so i new i had it to advanced. It also didn't run well. I didn't have my 12 mm with me, once back home i backed it off to idle at 900 rpm. It does ok on the road if i put the carb vac on the primary advance, it doesn't do so well if it is on the secondary as noted in the MY desmog thread. Also, the temp gauge always read cool or slightly cool. on the second test drive it was almost at hot. I looked at the temp gauge wiring and the previous owner didn't have it hooked up to the sensor on the block. Instead it was tied into the wiring that in on the egr tub off the carb. I clipped the wire and put it back on the sensor on the block. It reads consistant mid temp now but i am not sure if it is working. I will get a new sensor and test it. I have attached a photo of the wiring the way it was.

Questions are
1. could i have hurt the motor running that much advance for that short of time.
2. if i rotated the dizzy back to idle at 900 rpms should that be ok.
2. why was the temp wire wired that way.
3. It smell different now and i don't know why any thoughts.


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well yes... you need a timing light to install the distributor and you probably need the shop manual too. Yes...too much timing can hurt the engine.
No...its not "ok" to just install the distributor by feel do you know where your timing is....without a timing light?
have no clue why former owner rigged up temp sensor wiring....but if its the way you describe...then I would expect you have some other wiring issues to check out too, if the guy did as you describe..he might have modified some other things too. Temp gauge feeds off the sender on the cylinder head.

You might want to check out the clubhouse area to see where the nearest local LC club is relative to you....might get some good advice from some local guys.

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