Show us your Sump and Tie rod guards

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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
Hi All,

Think on fabbing some sump and tie rod guards. The idea to protect the tie rods is to have a guard similar to those seen on IFS trucks - sort of sloping down to help lift the truck over the obstacles.

The sump guard I'm thinking of is a plate across the frame rails with allowance for the depth of the pan. Anyone done this or have any ideas.


Did you mean like this?

Photo and car by Iironsika
Thats exaclt what I mean. I'm interested in driving rocks etc down but don't want to interfear with the tie rod articulation. Also want to fab a bolt on sump guard too.

Do you know how the orange plate attaches at the rear?
Actually im planning to build one soon as well, Im curious about securing the rear as well, but my thoughts would be to run a support down from the frame at an angle, but far enough forward so as to not interfere with steering & suspension travel.
Well, It's cool.

How did you bend the plate and how thick did you go?
Plate is 4 mm thick and i didn´t bend it. "Bendings" are made of pieces welded together. The lowest/rear part is 6 mm to make it stronger.

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