SOLD Show quality 1978 2F valve cover (not polished or chrome) oem looking

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Want to sell the one that was hit with the DA?
Keep in mind, I'm picky with this restoration (ask @ToyotaMatt), you may think this valve cover is perfect, and for many it would be. Especially with the 6mm bolt holes perfect, which are usually stretched/stripped. If you look close, the DA sander made uneven marks all over the driver side. Otherwise, this valve cover IS show quality. Take a look, I can see the light warping effect:





I know, I know - people probably think I'm insane. However, if you look at the first three photos, particularly the third, do you see the wavy texture? It almost looks like (sorry, I can't think of a better analogy) cellulite on the thighs of that lady you glance at on the beach and wish you hadn't.
Sure, let me post up a photo. I’d even be interested in trading for a radiator support frame that has a really nice upper mesh, or just the mesh piece. Will post soon.

Cant help you with that Dallas. Maybe something else?

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