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Mar 18, 2008
Buzzards Bay Area
Looking for some ideas as I finalize the replacement grill on my 1980 HJ45. Please post your grill pictures, up close if possible.


Here is mine...
Grill Before.jpg
You sure have a pretty set of nails. But dog gone you sure do leave a lot of finger prints.
OK, I see this thread going nowhere fast...

So here is what I have so far and I didnt even break a nail.

New screen cut on bandsaw and then powder coated

Now looking at options for refinishing the badges.
New Mesh.jpg
New Paint.jpg
Grill & Bezel.jpg
I was going to post a picture of some rapper smiling, but...

I went from this:


To this:


I just welded in some new metal and then added a little paint to everything.

Luckily on mine the shiny bits were still shiny, it was the white/black/red paint that was mostly worn off. I used some of those scrubby pads to get the rest of the paint off and shine it up, then used paint and red nail polish to fix up the badges with a little paint brush.


It turned out really nice, I'm sorry I don't have better pictures.

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