Show me your front bumper!!! (Seeking opinions of front bumper for '82 40)

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Spin Doctor

Jul 5, 2020
Alpharetta, GA
Been doing some research on a new bumper for my soon to be 40 ('82 red) -- pretty sure the current is stock.
I think I've narrowed it down to a HFS or 4+ front rake bull (rear rake looks good too, but think the front rake looks better IMO). Either way I'd like to add on a 8274.
Leaning toward black for color, but silver might give it some pop. Would also like to install some lights with it too - but not seeing any on the HFS, so that might not be an option...

So - Show me yours and your thoughts on which way I should go.

Here's the front and rear to give the group a view.
Thanks in advance!


My 82' with a HFS I imported from the States. I love it, it's illegal in Aus coz it doesnt cover the wheels, but I'm not sure the cops would know. I love it and couldnt be happier. I'm not sure what the go with the bolts they supplied was, only half of them fit, the rest appeared to serve no purpose. It was no drama, I just bought some more appropriate bolts.

Those of you who have the ARB bull bar might be swaying me...Like how it has those lights up front and the winch back behind them. Think I'm adding it to the list with the 4+ and HFS. Hmmm...

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