should I lift the rear for a tire carrier?

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Apr 1, 2007
Thought i might get a second opinion on my setup, not sure what to expect from the extra weight. I'm putting a Slee rear on in a few weeks for a trip cross country, probably load a few hundred pounds in as well. Can you tell from this pic if i should get some j's for the rear? i dont have access to my truck right now for measurements. My suspension is: 850j front, 863 rear, L-shocks, MAF drop brackets, 315/75R16 TOYO M/T's. I think when i put the dual batteries in front it went down a tad as well, the picture was taken after the install. I like the stance as it sits right now, and i usually dont keep much weight in it as it is my DD. Any thoughs or comments would be greatly appreciated:cheers:
x3. Your truck weights 6000 pounds. Another 150 in the rear is a drop in the bucket.:meh:

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