Should I level my GX470?

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Feb 19, 2020
Portland, Oregon
Just kidding..... I recently installed a stage 2 nitro kit from Ironman about two weeks ago but decided not to replace my airbags. We did some serious off-roading today in Tillamok State Forest, OR and right as we parked for lunch we heard the one of the airbags blow out. I’m just glad this happened when it did and not when I’m taking a corner at 70mph. Luckily Metal-Tech is about 45 min from where I live so I can pick up a delete kit and slap on the coils tomorrow.
It was a slow limp home but over all it wasn’t to bad. I used a Corona Seltzer for scale In the pictures. My tip would be if you get the kit with rear coils just put them in. I used the AHC height adjustment trick and I think the air bag was just to high.



Ooph...bummer it happened, but now you can go full boogie and get those green springs in there!
And for the record, that’s the worst flavor out of the 4...just sayin’

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