Should I bnuy bigger trailer than I need

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Sep 6, 2010
I have a 100... I just did a 800 mile round trip pulling a 6'x10' trailer...not heavily loaded a full sized 3 pt tractor post hole digger going and maybe 500 lbs of yard equipment coming back. Burned twice as much gas as usual, but the post hole digger was dirt cheap. Also used to haul about 9 loads of brush into the woods.
I have a chance to get... its either a 7000lb or a 10,000lb dual wheel utility trailer... for $700. I know the cruisers towing capacity is only 6500... but I'd only use it to haul furniture, mulch and compost, stuff that was to big or to dirty to put in the cruiser. I have access to a 8'x24' 5th wheel trailer and a chevy 2500 to pull it... should I need to tow something heavy.
Should I get the trailer... I think I have a place to keep... where I work... Would towing the trailer put a strain on the truck?

My other question.... towing the 6x10 trailer... is it a bad thing to turn off the over drive when going up a hill so you dont lose power and speed... I did it a lot coming back
It's actually a good thing to turn the OD off, particularly if your transmission is hunting for a gear just drop the gear and let it be. Same thing if you're going up a decent hill, just pop it down into 2 and go 50... that's how these things like to run. If you had a transmission temp gauge (you can make a SG2 do this) you'd actually see tranny temps drop when you go to OD-off, then rise again when you're back in overdrive.

As for the trailer, if you're not loaded then no reason not to yank a big trailer around. However I think with all the other inconveniences of pulling/parking/getting gas with trailers, I'd prefer the smaller one. then just borrow that Chevy & 5th wheel when you need to move the occasional big item.
Just upgraded about two years ago to a tandem axle trailer from a single axle for safety and payload reasons. There is also a greater level of comfort in having four tyres on the ground than two in case you get a flat. I was tending to overload my single axle trailer previously. Now I am at times overloading my tandem axle trailer as you do of course. My diesel 4.2 turbo intercooled 1HDFTE cruiser does not have an issue with towing the rig but I needed to retrofit some trailer brakes to maintain a safe stopping distance. My 4 speed auto with upgraded shift kit and torque converter is a beast and reasonable on fuel at about 12l/100km or about 15l/100 km with a heavy trailer. My newly fitted Gturbo, new fuel pump and refurbished injectors provides plenty of grunt so do not have to stay out of overdrive 4th gear on a manual basis to stop any gearbox overheating issue as some folk seem to have to do.

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