short term insurance?

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Jun 24, 2009
Loveland, CO
so im starting 3 months of vacation in a week(read contract job is terminated for 3 months) during tthis time i will have the 60 in the garage doing LOTS of work. in order to save some monies i have taken it off of our policy. does anyone know of an insurance provider who will do short a short term policy? I am planing on getting some body work done and would need to drive to the shop. if i can get it insured for a day or 2 that would be ideal. otherwise i will just time everything accordingly. My current provider doesnt offer short term coverage, im just wondering if any fellow mudders have done this before.
If you have an good insurance company and agent they will do this for you. You will need to include a letter that the vehicle has not been in an accident prior to the start date and then you can cancel a few days later when you need to and will be charge a prorated premium on the vehicle.
I don't know about CO- but in Indiana, there is a thing termed "blanket coverage". It means that anything I get in is insured. If I drive a buddies truck into a tree- and then find out that he didn't pay his auto premiums- I'm covered and so is the truck. It covers me for situations like yours where you just need to run it across town- not drive it across the country.
Agreed most decent insurance companies will give you a limited policy such as a storage policy to be driven to and from a repair shop and for fire and theft while stored.
i don't know what the insurace laws are like in CO, but in SC you can stop your coverage for short periods. i would talk to a local agent, push come to shove use another truck to tow to the body shop and thats cars insurance will cover the libatly. like i said thats how it works in sc
I just did this with my FJ62. I'm with Amica Insurance and called them, told them it hasn't ran in months, but I'll be working on it periodically over the next few months.

They placed it on a waiver (they have a name for it but I don't recall it at the moment).

It maintains the basic required coverage to keep the tags valid.
If you need to drive it to a repair facility, call them, they activate the limited policy for the time needed to move it.

Call them again when you're ready to bring it home, then take it back to the original waiver status.

Once you're ready to drive it more frequently, then move it back to the regular policy.

Only takes a phone call.

Saved me a decent buck or 2 as well.

I'll get the name of the program tomorrow.

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