Shop Time - Hutchinson Run Flat Tires w/ John Bowser

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Sep 23, 2013
Bozeman, MT
Wednesday June 19th at 6pm at 15999 Frontage Rd. between Belgrade and Manhattan.

Hey everyone,
Who's interested in a little hands-on learning experience??? John Bowser has some Hutchinson Run Flat Tires to mount up and thought some folks would be interested in checking them out. These are not something you're likely to see around, they're cost prohibitive for much of anyone but military so this is your chance without having to go to boot camp!!

I'm just looking for a head count of interested folks. It will be a weeknight sometime after Memorial Day, probably start between 6-7 and run for a few hours.
So who's interested???

Running list as of 5/24/19:


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Definitely interested, but depends on the night.....
In... but only free Tuesday and on.

I love those wheels, I had a buddy run them on an 80 and they were freaky how low you could air them down. The air is essentially trapped, they work like a dual bead lock if I am not mistaken?
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I updated the list in the first post.

It sounds like @elkun1 has volunteered his shop for the demo!!
We will get past the holiday weekend and start narrowing down possible dates, but spread the word if you know someone that would like to check it out!
I need to replace one of my Stauns, I think they are Coyotes now. Not sure if they are easier than the solid Hutchinson's. I don't trust me a tire shop to do it.
Hey everyone, looks like we're shooting for the week of the 17th of June. Waiting to hear what night works best for John.
Wednesday evening the 19th will be the day! I'll get all the details updated tomorrow.
Ok, it's official. 6pm Wednesday the 19th.
We will be doing the work at @elkun1 place. 15999 Frontage Rd, Belgrade. Heading west from Belgrade it's right at mile marker 16, about 100 yards west of the 4 dot ranch subdivision.

Please post up if you are coming!!
I will definitely be there. Always seems like i am at Rons house lol

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