Shop recommendations - Lincoln area - suspension and driveshaft

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Sep 23, 2017
Lincoln, NE
After doing an OME lift last year on my 80 I’ve had some noises that I can’t seem to fix or determine where they are coming from. We are planning a long trip with it so I’m finally going to take it somewhere. Any recommendations? I’d rather it be in Lincoln but I’ll drive further for the right crew. Professional shop of weekend warrior is fine.

With both I first need someone to diagnose what the problem is. One is a clunking sound whenever the body rolls one direction which usually occurs when turning, braking or accelerating. It appears to be coming from the driver-side front spring. The other issue is in the drive shaft. Figured I'd ask if there was a shop around here with someone whose used to working on these before just picking a random place.
My go to mechanic sold his shop, but recommended Olstons Import in town for future work. I’m actually need to tend to a couple things on mine too. Olstons did a decent job on my wife’s ‘09 XC90

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