shop in Baton Rouge ?

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I can mangle anything ...
Jan 4, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA and Fountain Hills, AZ

not that we need any service now, but what shop do you guys recommend in Baton Rouge - this would be for our 80

Thanks in advance, Claudia
My dad owns Owens Collision on Old Jefferson and while they do not specialize in Cruisers, they can work on anything. I have been talking to him about being a sponsor for us but he has been trying to get his new shop opened up on Coursey for a few months and has allot on his plate. If you (or anyone) do go tell them you are in LLK and they will try and help you out and give you a good deal. :cheers:
Searchers 4x4 is pretty good. The owner, Phillip, is good guy.
Layonnn said:
Searchers 4x4 is pretty good. The owner, Phillip, is good guy.

Based upon what he did to my roommates HEEP I would never send a vehicle there. He was supposed to install a rear locker and it got stuck in lock and tore his diff up and charged him to fix it and would not reimburse him for the locker he did not install correctly. That's just not good business in my opinion. But that's just my .02c
belaw said:
Check with Zimmer Gears on Choctaw.

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Thats who did laytons air lockers
Check with Zimmer Gears on Choctaw.

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Yeah im gonna go ahead and tell you and everyone in the area to not do that.
They are slower than molasses.

First time i took it there i waited weeks to setup an "appointment". Finally they had room to get me in there telling me it should only take a few days. Dropped the truck off on a Monday morning. I call Thursday afternoon and they just started working on the rear. I got excuse after excuse "Well i am having trouble setting up the front" "Someones transmission went out on them on a road trip so we got to get that taken care of".

It took them 3.5 weeks to install gears and lockers into the axles (hose routing, compressor install, and switch install all done by me).

My rear locker has a leak somewhere inside the housing. It is either the copper tubing they installed incorrectly or a seal on the locker. My guess is they effed up something.

I have waited 3 weeks to setup an "appointment" to get them to look at it. I bring it in Monday at noon (i work very late so getting it there in the early morning is impossible for me). I bring it in and "ohhhh well we thought you'd bring it in this morning so now you have some vehicles in front of you, we miiiiiight get to it tomorrow but if not the definitely Wednesday".
I call Wednesday. "Nah, we might get to it tomorrow"
I call Friday, "yeah we just got a chance to look at it an hour ago". So the first time they looked at it was 1230 on Friday. I dropped the truck off Monday at noon.
They also "couldn't get it to reproduce the leak". I can get it to leak every time, but the truck needs to be on the ground and moving. The owner wanted to call ARB and talk to them but ARBs techs were doing inventory Friday. I gave him the number and he was supposed to call them today. I'll bet my Cruiser that when i call tomorrow and ask if he called ARB yesterday i will get some excuse why he didn't.

I took it to them based on a recommendation of my dad who has had them set up gears for his cars before.
I called and talked to the owner of Zimmer gears today to see if he had called ARB to speak to the techs about why the locker is leaking. He had still not called them as of 2pm today. "We were swamped yesterday and it just slipped my mind".

I am seriously about to just take my cruiser back and do the work myself.

If i could do this all over again i would learn how to setup gears myself and do all the work myself.
Please do that, so you can do mine!!!!!!

I should.
Then i could install locals gears for them.
I think only tool i don't have i'd need would be a 10-12T press. I have actually done a good bit of research on it when i had the FJ.
Couple hundred i think.
Is it necessary on a Toyota diff to perturb the gear setup when you go after leaks?
I've had the ARB apart on my old Chevy 10-bolt, and both the copper tubing connection and the O-rings were easy to access; the piston seal is a bit tricky, but I didn't have to take the ring gear off the carrier.

nope not necessary to but would be a good time to check or reset back lash & tighten the steet out of the carrier bearings cause most shops set em way tooooo loose !
The owner talked to ARB techs and they said there may be a tab that they bent too far, or something along those lines. So they will have to take it out and check it, but the ARB tech is pretty sure that is whats wrong.

So, after my truck had been there a week and a half, they called me to tell me this. Keep in mind, essentially, all they did was try and make the locker function, and then call ARB. Why in the hell did it take a week and a half to do this, i have no idea.

As anyone with a brain could probably guess, their next course of action, since they already have my Cruiser and haven't even taken anything apart, would be to take out the 3rd member and examine the ARB. If that would be your guess, then you obviously haven't been paying attention to anything i have said so far.:)

Me: So, now that y'all know what to look for are you going to open it up and look at it
Zimmer (Danny): Nope, were too booked up this week.
Me: starting next week y'all will look at it.
Zimmer: No were pretty booked that week too, then the week after that were closed for the 4th of July, Can you bring it in the Monday after the 4th of July.
Me: (You have got to be effing kidding me) So the monday after the 4th of July, do you have me down as an appt for that day as in you can actually start working on my truck, THAT day?
Zimmer: Well if Earl told you to bring it by, then yes.

I am going to have a long talk with the owner, Earl, when i drop off my truck next time.

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