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Oct 16, 2004
North of Boston
Any one dealt with these guys? Had a nice conversation with Ted, the owner today, looking to find a good independent Cruiser shop in Boston area.
The only experience I ever had was an order I placed online and never recieved, never recieved a reply to the 3 or 4 emails inquiries either. Shop might be different...

Check the 40 series forum there are plenty of comments there.
I see you took my advice (I have no affiliation with them just to be clear, I just like pushing business to those who deserve it). Just remeber when people feel they get an unfair shake its posted all over the place. People are a lot less likely to praise good work.

Cruiser804- sorry to hear about a bad experience, I hope on their end they had a reasonable excuse.
I had heard both pos & neg on Cruiser Solutions when I lived in Boston, but I didn't get the chance to see for myself before I moved out west.

Stay away from Eddie in Boston. He was competent enough to help me on the FJ40, but I wouldn't let him touch anything on a hundy. ...just my .02 'n all.

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