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Mar 21, 2011
Moore Corner, AL (Irondale)
Is there someone in the Birmingham, AL area know of a shop and/or mechanic with experience installing an OME lift and differential drop that is trustworthy?

Would very much appreciate a recommendation before "just taking my chances".

Also, are there many others in the 55+ age group trying to complete their first childhood as myself.

Thanks for your input.
Hey, did you ever end up finding someone in the Birmingham area?

The lift is probably the next on my list. I would consider doing it myself, if I didn't already have a mustang in pieces in the garage.

I'm 30, not quite 55+, but getting there ;)
Been reading posts on this site until my eyes crossed. So much that I think I becoming an expert on suspensions and Lancruisers in general.

My just do it myself as soon shops have said they will install a lift. Although they've never done one before "they always wanted to do one of those".

Scary. Invision riding down the road and the wheels come off. Rear springs are simple and the diff drop is also. Just need a torque wrench. But, I,m a little intimidated by the torsion bar install and probally shouldn't be.

I'm like a previous post, can't make up my mind about ****. Maybe crank t bars, maybe not, maybe replace, do this do that.

Right now the plan is, (subject to change by the minute). OME springs, t-bars, diff drop. Use same Bilstein shocks. Sliders, 285 Nitto TG.

Been married to the same lady for a very long time. She knows what I'm thinking and she isn' happy.

She's mean. Thinks a vaction in some snooty place would be a better way to spend the $. Need to figure out how to convince her she's wrong. Need suggestions!
just did my lift a month ago, i know what you're going through.

There are a few local shops in the small town I live in that quoted me the 2.5'' medium install, but they'd never worked on LCs before. I'm a lil less than an hour from ATL, so I ended up dropping it off at ACC and played 9-holes with a friend. The cost of install + 9 holes of golf was 250 bucks less than what I was quoted from the locals..... not to mention the peace mind.

goodluck with your upgrade.
Just ordered OME torsion bars and 865 springs from 4X4 Connection. 444.22 delivered to Bham. Called my own bluff.
The Offroad Connection in Fultondale is nationally known. The owner, Keith Baily, is constantly featured in Peterson's 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine. Also, Bluetorch Fab is downtown and are a major player in the offroad industry. I live in Birmingham as well, but am out of town until mid-July. There is nothing Land Cruiser specific about the suspension or the lifts for them. GM, Ford, Dodge etc all used torsion bar front ends and/or coil sprung rears.

Here is the only local 4x4 club. I'm no longer a member as I sold my rockcrawler jeeps, but I still buy/sell parts there some times. Their forum is a good source of local resources for stuff like this.
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