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Oct 18, 2005
Camp Verde, AZ
Hey folks,

Building my fj40 from the frame up and about to have the frame powder coated. My question is whether or not to go with higher shock towers. I'll be running stock fj40 axles with OME Dakar springs, a 4+plus shackle reversal kit on the front, and long shackles for about a 4" lift. I plan on having 35" tires.

4+plus makes a set of shock towers that are two and a half inches higher:

I also understand that people use shock towers from F-series Ford pickups.

Any idea how much the articulation will be improved with the higher shock towers? My concern is that although it will allow increased upward axle travel, it will decrease downward axle travel because the shock will bottom out. Is it worth it to install the higher shock towers with the setup I'm running?

I plan on cutting out the rear wells so the tires don't interfere there, but does anyone know if the tires will be hitting my front fenders at maximum articulation with this setup?

On a related question, what would be the best shocks to run with this setup. Any opinions about OME Nitrochargers?

Any opinions/comments welcome. Thanks.
Feb 12, 2005
Wausau, Wisconsin
I have a 4" lift sua old school . Used the shocks that came with the lift kit. Shocks bottomed out on up ward travel. I fabbed a pair of shock towers that I had seen in trails in a Mark Watley power steering write up. Gained about 3" of flex 33" tires touch front fenders in garage when flexed with air lift jack under tire. Have not had a problem on the trail. 35" tires would probabley require trimmed fenders or lowered bump stops.
May 3, 2004
The 4+ shock mounts are $200
The Ford shock towers are $20.

both do the same thing.

I'd say go with the for shock towers.
Nov 14, 2004
You need to use longer shocks with either Ford or the 4X4 towers to keep from bottoming out a shock. Nothing earthshaking in this - you need to size shocks to most any mod you do to raise/lower a vehicle.

Why don't you search using 'shocks' or 'shock towers' after consulting poser's excellent compilation of responses to FAQ's in the sticky thread above.

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