Shock towers

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Jan 3, 2003
I have been collecting parts,the 70 fj40, for the major fall conversion I have the 'might as well do it all at once' attitude now. A friend suggested that I go with extended shock towers. The plan is a 2.5 skyjacker with SOA. 33 or maybe 35. Is there any major reason to extend? Is it a good or bad idea with SOA? Just need to know what to add to my collection.

Even with SUA, the extended towers will get used. &nbsp:DO NOT get the shocks recommended in the suspension kit tho, since with the longer towers they will be too short.

I ran extended towers, 2.5" Softride springs, a 1.5" shackle reversal, and 14" stroke shocks with no problems. &nbsp:Didn't use all the travel, but no limitations either.

WAIT a minute....2.5" lift springs with SOA and only 33-35" tires? Better plan on at least 38" tires or it will look VERY odd!!

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